Monday, December 29, 2008

Baptism of Cousins

Just wanted to add this great photo of Elder Clark with this wonderful family that he has been teaching and baptizing........ This was the baptism of cousins, Heloisa and Ester. 

Monday, December 8, 2008

Baptism of Luzia and Arthur

Well, Elder Clark is loving teaching the people of Brazil!!
This weekend Chris and Elder L. Santos had the fun of filling the entire font with a small hose and  buckets!! 

He said that it was so totally worth it as they were able to baptise (grandma) Luzia and this young man named Arthur:
(Grandma) Luzia
What great blessings these two Elders are helping to bring to the people of Brazil.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Olá da Família de Clark Mais Velho

We got a great letter from Elder Clark today.  He is doing well and loving the people of Brazil.  I just wanted to add some pictures of some of the wonderful people he has had the pleasure of baptising. 
We are grateful that Chris has had the opportunity to meet these wonderful people and know that meeting  them and being a part of their lives will leave a mark on his heart forever. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Christopher gets a new Companion~!
This past week Elder Clark was assigned a new companion.  His name is Elder L. Santos.
Elder Clark and Elder Santos have had a great first week together and are going to be a great companionship.  

This little beauty was discovered in the elders shower after at least three of them had already showered!!! Wow, that is N A S T Y ~!  Chris said in his letter that if this could get in their shower, just imagine what else is in their apartment?!  I prefer not to let my imagination go there.  I will continue in my own fantasy world, believing that this little guy was just very, very lost and there are surely no others within miles!!  Keep writing to Elder Clark. He comments to us every week how much all your letters mean to him. Thanks

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Letter from 11/11/08

When I got an email from Leslie today from Elder Clark, I was so excited to hear from him! After reading this, I thought this should be posted for those of you who don't get his emails. What a great missionary he is! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

thanks for all the letters everybody, they were freaking great! thanks to all those special people out there who are writing me ;) you know who you are........ first and formost i want to say sorry for being a whiner the first couple of weeks here, yeah it was hard but i didnt see the whole picture... i know see the big picture, which is just a small part of gods plan for me. and i love it. i wake up everyday excited to go out and teach and find new people to talk to and meet new friends. I have learned so much about myself and about the gospel. it is so great to be here serving the Lord. elder Pacheco and i have had success here this transfer, and this next tuesday we will see if we will continue to be companions or if we will be split. i think both would be just fine, because the work will continue the same. i got the first of my christmas package from my mom, i was so glad that she sent a coloring book and crayons, i spent all night last night coloring and listening to my favorite christmas music.. haha even tho it was like 80 degrees i felt so peacefull!! i think i inluded a picture of my final drawing, my mom will forward that.
Here it is!!  He is so talented!!

In our area it his hard to find many people on the streets, our success comes from refrences and members and friends. missionary work is so great when everybody is involved. im greatefull for every moment i have to be out here.

well i found a good remedy for my blisters, my good friend kristin sent me the perfect remedy, i put some string through a needle and poked it through my blister, leaving the ends exposed, it dried up the blister and i am in perfect condition... haha well almost. thanks kristin!!

haha what the OBAMA!!! so i have learned all of my portuguese from discussing politics with everybody here. they all LOVE obama, like its so weird. but anyway i think its great fun to talk to people about how crazy he is. but they think he is going to save the world and the united states, so we will see, any info on obama would be appreciated. i rarely understand what is on tv.

haha well. i dont have very much time so i will tell you one story before i

It was sunday afternoon, we had already been to church and baptised a few people. we went out to work after and found 3 young men that said they would go to church with us (the other ward starts at 3:30) so we were excited because now we can baptise them next week. but anyway, we were walking with them to church and having a good time talking and such when all of a sudden... WHAMMM!!my feet fall from under me and i narrowly escape falling into a ... relativly deep manhole that sombody had just thrown trash over. my arms and the book of mormon saved me from plunging into the pee-crap-water. i was dirty from head to toe, everybody helped me up and brushed me off, i was pretty dirty all over and i thought (no way satan, not today, i knew this was one of satans ''stumbling blocks'' but the lord saved me, even tho a
book of mormon was sacrificed!! we made it to church and i will forever remember this moment as one of the many blessings of my mission, it probably seems silly to you guys but it was significant to me...)

bye love always, i will send letters, love ya

elder clark

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Computer in Brazil Has Problems!!

Well, as most of you know...yesterday was p-day.  I waited very patiently until about noon.  Once it was that late I figured since it was 4:00 in Brazil, I probably would not hear from Elder Clark and was becoming very depressed and grumpy.  Then when I least expected it, there is was, a SHORT note from Chris saying that the internet was being weird and he would write me more after he wrote his email that goes out to everyone.  I was so totally excited to get that small email but just as depressed when the day ended and there were no more emails from him......LUCKY for me and for all of you, he did say that he had THREE more baptisms this week.  He was very excited and thought they would have at least three more next week!!!! He also said that he was doing good.  It was short but sweet.  He is a brazillian miles away so I guess we should expect the unexpected when it comes to computers. I guess I will just wait til next week and hope that the technology in Brazil is back in working order.  Hopefully he will have pictures of those that they have baptized.  Check back next week and hopefully we will have picture proof!!  Thanks everyone and don't forget.........Elder Clark loves letters  

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Wow, for an elder who is struggling to adjust to life in Brazil, I am glad that he has taken to heart their mission motto:
Só Batismo!! (just baptise)
This is Fabiano Ferriera de Melo.  This is baptism #2 for Elder Clark, #3 really, because he and his comp each baptised someone last week.
We have faith that Chris will adjust with time and pray that in the meantime, he will........   Só Batismo!! 

Monday, October 13, 2008


Hi Everyone!
Please take note of the new address that we will be using for Elder Clark from now on...(to the right)
Today's letter came with Chris feeling both bad, and good.  Let's focus on the GOOD~!
Christopher was blessed to be able to baptise the young woman in this photo.  Her name is Rafaela dos Santos.  He said in a letter to Paul and I, that minus the blisters on his feet and hands, it was the happiest day ever!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chris loves the CTM!!

Chris has just 13 days left at the CTM!! Wow, can you believe that? He has absolutely LOVED his time there.  In his letters home he writes a lot about the people he has met there and the Temple and all the learning he is doing there.. As many of you know, who get his letters, he is also having the time of his life!!  He is always positive and tells me not to worry about him (ya right!!).  He and his companion Elder Arnold have been a great companionship as they are enjoying learning together and laughing together. 
Here is a bit of this weeks letter home:

another great week, i am excited to go proselyting again this friday, me and elder Arnold are going to rock the socks of all Brazil. umm... lets see, not to much happened this week, still striving to learn portuguese, its coming, but its slow, i cant believe we only have 13 days until we fly out to Joao Pessoa, we are getting super excited, its awesome to see the change that we have made from being the District that is asking all the questions and needing all the help to actually being the District that is giving the questions and being asked for help. We went to the Temple today, it was awesome (Sao Paulo) everybody had a good time and the bus trip was very calm suprisingly. We have one more p-day after this and then its over! Today we are going to buy an Amazing lunch!! we are all getting a bacon Burger and Banana Juice and im going to follow it up with either a cinamon roll or a peice of Awesome Cheese Cake!! i cant wait.
Burgers and Banana Juice

View from Chris' window on the 7th floor of the CTM, taken just last night!!                               

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Wow, doesn't that look yummy.  Chris' letter this week was fun to read.  It is the first letter that I did not cry while reading.  I laughed a few times though!!  It would seem that the elders have as many fun things going on as they do spiritual...Chris is loving the CTM.  This picture is of the "famous" cinnamon rolls that they sell at Cheney's.  Cheney's is a store just by the CTM where the elders go to do their emailing.  I went onto the website last week and purchased a gift certificate for Chris to use at this store, he LOVED it because as you can see they have yummy things there.  They also sell american icecream and milkshakes and other nonedible items as well, what a great place!!  Hopefully you are all getting his letters and know that he is doing great.  He says he is getting lots of mail and email, so thank you all for writing to him.  Hopefully Chris will do his own blogging next week as that is so much more fun to read.  
Thanks everyone:)
Chris and a fellow Elder

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Journal Entries

Well, i just wanted to share what i wrote during the last few days. It was one of the most spiritual events that has happened to me so far in the mission.


Today was sad, our brazilians are leaving tomorrow morning. All day long we have been telling one another how much they will be missed. I cant imagine the CTM without them. After our classes we went and got our cameras to take photos with all of them. It was such a fun time. Everyone was laughing and hugging. After pictuers is when the real party started in our room. Me and my roomates had decided we were going to give some of our things to E. Nascimento and E. Silva. I gave Nascimento a white shirt and tie and Silva was giving a white shirt from E. Swain and a tie from E. Eberspacher, Elder Arnold gave them both a stick of American Deoderant (Best in the world). When Nascimento came in and saw his parting gift he came and hugged me. Not until i felt his tears on my shoulder and neck did i realize how much this meant to him. (our brazilians only had 3 shirts to last them 7 days with 2 ties.). I only gave him a shirt and tie but to him it meant so much more. I told him that we were friends in heaven before this life. He said he thought so too. We have stayed up well past 12:00 talking about our future as missionaries and as friends. Today was one of the funnest-happiest-sad days here in Brazil.


This morning i cried like a baby. Our Brazilians left, all of our friends we had come to love had to leave, i will especially miss E. Nascimento (Anderson) and E. Lucas Silva. As we stood in a circle to offer our last prayer the spirit was so strong. We were all crying within seconds of the start. It was a beautiful prayer. I wonder how it is possible to get so close to someone in such a short amount of time. The spirit really brings people together. Nascimento was wearing the stuff i gave him the night before, every time i passed by him we would hug. He will make a really amazing missionary. So will E. Silva and all our other friends. I am going to miss staying up till 12:00 talking in a broken portugues trying to convey thoughts and emotions to them. My heart is full of the spirit when i think about them. I cannot wait to join my bretheren in the mission field. They will always hold a special place in my heart.

Group Photo!!
us with Nascimento
Room party

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

May The SPIRITUAL Force Be With Him

Another P-Day has come and gone!!!  Chris says that he is doing great.  The language is coming along well and he is soon going to have the opportunity to go out on the streets and hand out a Book of Mormon.  Wow, has he only been gone for two weeks??  When I think of all that he is learning in such a short time it just amazes me.  Thanks to all of you that are sending Chris letters as he is loving them.  If you haven't written him yet, no worries, there is still time!!  Bye for now. 

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bloggin From Brazil!

Bom Dia
Well I have made it one full week. This has been the LONGEST week for us noobs!All we do is Eat and Learn portugeuse. The food here is greate. They have tons of different fruits and juices that are really good. We have rice and beans for every meal (except breakfast). The teachers hera are amazing. The portuguese is coming along Great but slow. My companion is Elder Arnold, we get along great, he is from Cedar Hills Utah. The rest of our district is pretty awesome too. We room Elder Eberspacher and Elder Swain. We have 11 total in our district, 6 of us are going to João Pessoa: Elder Arnold (Cedar Hills) E. Eberspacher (Cottonwood) E. Weere (Roy UT) and E. Jensen (Gilbert). Everyone says that 1st, Joao pessoa has weird food like Donkey Head but good fruit and meant and then J. Pessoans have a unique accent so we have to modify our whole learning process. Brazilians!! They are the greatest people in the world. we have already become great friends with Elder Nascimento and Elder Silva they teach us a lot. We offten stay up past curfew and learn from each other. Brazlians are so nice i cant wait to get out into the field! More to come from my mother, hope everyone is doing great! And i love you all, please write me!!! Talk to my mom if you dont know how, oh and send me pictures because brazilians love pictures, well ... im off me and Elder Arnold are going to go shopping!!! Yay. Bye.
Can you even believe how great Chris looks. Man, I was so relieved to get his first email today and even happier to have him send a few pictures.  Hope you will all continue to check in on Chris's blog as we will both try to keep you updated on his mission activities!!
Mission Mom to Elder Chris Clark,(that is so cool huh?)

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Count Down Complete!

Well, as the sign to the left says,"Countdown Complete". 
We took Chris to the Airport on Tuesday Morning and just this morning we received the official word that our missionary had arrived at the MTC and was settling in.  Can you even believe we had to wait so long for that word? Parents could go crazy waiting for that word... Anyway, please notice that we have updated his MTC address to the right.  He can only receive letters while in the MTC and they take about a week to arrive. It takes a .94 cent stamp. Be sure to sign up if you want us to forward on his emails.  We look forward to sharing his experiences with all of you.  Thanks for your love and support.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Here we go!

Well if your reading this than that means I am on my way to Brazil! holy Crap! Its so crazy to think that in just 1 day I can be thousands of miles away from my home, my family and my friends......... (ive been sitting here for 5 minutes and cant think of the right words)....... I just want to say Thank You to everybody I know! I would not be the "Elder" I am today without any of you. I have had so many great examples to look up to and to learn from, every time i sit back and ponder my life I just go "wow, have i ever experienced anything truly hard?" And I cant think of one hard thing that I have had to endure in my life. How blessed is that? The lord has truly blessed me with a great life, starting with my family and trickling down to every person who has ever helped me in my life. I am hoping that this mission will be the hardest thing I have ever done and possibly ever will do, I don't mean that i want my mission to be full of discouragement and let-downs, no. I want to feel like I am giving EVERY fiber of my body and soul each and every day to continuing a work that is so important! Its awesome to think that everyday I can grow closer to my father in heaven and everyday I can do better than the day before.

Well this post is getting longer than I intended it to be so I just want to share my Testimony with all of you that I know without a dout that the church is true! That Joseph Smith did in fact see Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ that day in the grove. That he was given the power to translate the sacred records we know as the Book of Mormon and that every single word in that book is true! Jesus is the Savior of the world, There is only one thing in this whole world that I'm afraid of and its not snakes, heights or spiders, It is that I will be a witness to the Savior coming again to this world and i will not be ready. Family and friends, I will do everything in my power to be ready. I cannot wait to get back and share all of the experiences that i will have had on my mission with you. I hope that you all feel my love and prayers because I know that I feel yours. I close this, my testimony in the name of my Savior, Brother and Friend. Jesus Christ, Amen.

Monday, August 4, 2008

13 Hours to go.

Well, its official, i am officially ELDER CLARK no if's and's or but's. We had a great time with the stake president, President Frost. It feels a little weird being all missionary like and not being able to turn on the ol' boob tube but since there is only 13 hours left i think i can handle it! Now we are over at Gary and Terri's house having pie and ice cream! yumm! Here are some pictures to document the occasion.


15 Hours to go.

Well, so far so good, I'm not nervous, worried, my heart rate seems normal, so I guess you could say I'm in a state of shock or off in my own world. In one hour I'll be going to the Stake Presidents office with my family and getting set-apart as a full time Missionary! The day is here, how long i have waiting... approximately 19 years 2 months for this. Now that it is here I just cant believe it. I want to give a shout out to all my friends, they are the greatest, have found so many awesome friends here in Flagstaff, i don't think i have ever been surrounded by so many great people! Thanks Flagstaff Friends! and to my Utah peeps (you know who you are) See you in 2 short years!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Missionary Addresses

Elder Christopher Erin Clark
Brazil Joao Pessoa Mission
Rua Jose Mariz, 515

58042-020 Joao Pessoa, PB, Brazil

Elder Jordan Carl Martin Makin
Texas Lubbock Mission
Sentry III Plaza
5214 68th St Ste 202
Lubbock, TX 79424-1523


Friday, August 1, 2008

New Brazil Friendly Hair Cut


I've never had my hair this short, but this way i shouldn't have to use any hair gel anymore which is a big plus because I don't want to be sweating and having it run in my EYES!! well, let me know what you think.

My Last Friday.

Well, its Friday August 1st! 3 days left and im out of here! So far This weekend has turned out pretty awesome! Here is what I have done so far. First off it all started like this! Breana is basically like my bestEST friend in Flagstaff.
 Here we are at Dip N' Dots

 Breana and I have gone to lunch once a week for the past several months! Its our tradition basically, usually every wednedsay morning before we both go to work we go out and stuff ourselves at an awesome resturaunt. (We usually switch between Oregano's and The Olive Garden). So this week we have gone to lunch like 3 times!(since its our last week) so today we did it all again, we went to eat at a local Bar/Resturant called Malonies, it was way good food and we had a good time. After that we went to the mall to people watch (there is some weird looking people in Flagstaff). Then we hit the Dip n' Dots! we had a good time and I am really going to miss my friend Breana! She has promised to wait for me during my mission (not leave flagstaff). She is a true friend! Well that concludes my Last Friday!! Stay Tuned for my last Saturday!

Thursday, July 31, 2008

There are so many people I would like to thank.

 Well, here it is folks, my first blogger award, I would like to thank everyone who made this possible!

This Prestigious award was given to me by my wonderful cousin Kim Helm! Her blog is awesome and i am so gratefull that she choose me to recieve this award! 

So, there are rules to this award.

1. Post the logo on your blog.

2. Add a link to the person who nominated you.

3. Nominate 7 other people for this award and add links to their blog.

4. Leave a message for the people that you nominated!

Well, I know a lot of people with blogs but i dont have 7 friends that actually deserve this award, so im only going to mention 2!

First, my Best Friend Lindsey Hansen:
Lindsey has been my friend for a long time now. Her blogging skillz are awesome! If you ever want to read into the happenings of college life, be sure to check out Lindsey's Blog!  Congrats Lindsey! you rock my blogging socks! Ill miss you the most.


Next, my favorite cousin in the world Olivia Creps: Olivia has been my favorite cousin since I was like 5 probably, we have always had fun when we get together and we always seem to have something to talk about. She is the best cousin and friend in the world and her blog is always Inspirational everytime i read it. She has mad writing skillz and in my opinion will someday write a book. Congrats Olivia, love you tons.


Monday, July 28, 2008

New Camera!!!

Tonight i got a new camara to take on my mish. so naturally i started taking pictures of myself :D enjoy, ill only keep this up for a while, i dont want ppl to think im retarded.

My "Final" Farewell Talk.

Well, my church talking is finally at its end!! ... well at least in this country, which makes me happy, its so much easier speaking in front of people if you dont know them. Which is weird, I have heard it go both ways, some people cant speak in front of strangers and are super comfortable speaking to people they knew very well.... NOT ME. well from what I hear my talk went great, (it was however the third time i have given the same talk). 7 days and 13 hours to go folks, im almost out of this joint! After the church meeting we all (the fam #2) came back to the house and had a Waffle Party!! It was lots of fun, i like getting together with my fam and having a good time like that, my aunt Terri even whipped out a CARTWHEEL, oh how I wish I had my camera, but it was amazing, she really is a cheerleader @ heart. After waffles we were all so full, however we did manage to Snarf down a peice of cheesecake or peanut butter pie. After everybody waddled out the door it was off to bed, dreaming about never speaking in church again!! yipee. My friends Breana and Megan also came and partied with us. It will be the last time i see Megan, it made me super sad, but she will still be here when i get back, so it gives me something to look forward to. Thats basically it. Now im off to enjoy my last week in Flagstaff.... FOREVER :D

Me Megan and Breana.

My Super-Fantastic-Extremely-Long California Adventure.

Well, I'm back, for the past 11 days I have been just feet away from the California Coastline. Justin and I were invited to the beach by the Bendels. It was so much fun, first of all we started off leaving on a Wednesday morning, our plan was to reach "The Edward's" sometime that evening. The ride to California went pretty fast, I was able to skim through my iPod from Z to A and we never listened to the same song twice, it was fun. During our stay with the Edwards we played a ton of Basketball @ the park (including a wicked intense game with a gang of Asians) and went to this freaking tight backyard pool @ one of their neighbors house. We also went to the stake center there and spent a night playing basketball, volleyball and (my favorite) Soccer! It was a lot of fun and I'm glad for the opportunity I had to meet them and become friends.
The Gang, with Brennen Edwards.

After leaving the Edwards we went to stay with Heidi and Enrique Romero, they have 3 awesome little girls who are filled with TONS of energy and were more than willing to entertain us during our stay. We also went to the stake center with them to play a few games of basketball and volleyball. (Enrique and I whipped Lanae and Heidi) It was really fun. We went to church with them that Sunday, it was a good sacrament meeting then we spent the rest of the time chatting with some of the Bendels friends, it was good times. After that was over we left straight from church and went to the BEACH!
The gang with Enrique and Heidi's Family.
We camped right on the Beach, right in the sand and everything, we were in tents and the weather was perfect everyday! Tami's Friends from Tucson met us there the second night in their massive motor home. It was sweet, they came prepared with anything, I was so grateful for Aunt Delene's and Aunt Deb's amazing cooking skillz. Every meal was awesome and tasted so good. They also brought their kids: Brittnee and her friend Josh, Donny, Mike and his girlfriend Marina. It was fun to meet all of them and hang out with them all week at the beach.
During our time at the beach we did everything! we... played basketball, volleyball (with cute girls... and not so cute marines), soccer, football, baseball, we built sand castles we body surfed we skim boarded, we went on long walks, we made new friends, we got attacked by a swarm of bee's, we got scolded by the beach officers, and we ate good food, oh and did i mention we all came back with sexy Californian tans.
All of us eating the awesome food cooked by Deb and Delene.

Then just when we thought it was over, Tami's friends invited us to go to Sea World with them on Friday, we were a bit skeptical at first because we were planning on coming home Friday but Tami got talked into it by Delene and Deb so the plan was to be at Sea World from Open to Close, and thats just what we did. Sea World was a lot of fun, my favorite parts were getting soaked by Shamu and watching all the trained sea animals. It blows my mind to see just how trained those huge whales, dolphines and sea lions can be. As the day was coming to a close we all had a really good dinner one last time in the motorhome. Around 12:00 we STILL did not know where we were going to sleep that night. We ended up trying to camp out at a Wal-Mart but the security wouldnt let us put up our tents, so the next 2 hours of that dreadfull morning was spent on a wild goose chase to find a hotel that wasnt all full up. We finally found a sweet Hampton Inn back in Temecula. It was 2:00 in the morning and we were all so tired, we just zonked out and waiting for that rude awakening the next morning. So about 1:00 Saturday afternoon we started the long journey back to Flagstaff. we got home a little bit after 9:00, Man it was so good to sleep in my own bed with real blankets! Its good to be home, but im so glad for the chance I had to go on that vacation with the Bendel's. It will definitly go down as one of my favorite vacations of all time. Special thanks to Tami Bendel for taking us! we'll never forget it!

Monday, June 30, 2008

Goodbye Utah, see you in two!

Well, it was fun while it lasted, I had a way awesome time in Utah, first thing we did when we got there was go on a huge shopping spree for all of my mission necessities. I am finally all set and ready to go, i think the only thing i need now is some more SHOTS so that i don't get any crazy diseases. Then we went to the temple Saturday the 21st, it was the BEST thats all i can say! I am so glad that all my family and friends could make it and support me that day!
My family and I at the temple.
Then after that we went to Tucanos (its a Brazilian Grill) so we went to see what kind of food they have down there in Brazil, it was SO good and the service was excellent, i can honestly say we all waddled out of there satisfied!
left to right: Karen, Josh (server), Jordan, Carty, Me, Riley in Tucanos.
The next day was Sunday, i was speaking in church so all of my friends and family came, it was definitely a full house. After we all went to my grandmas house and had a little party, it was fun to be around all of my friends and family, it was good and sad to see some of my friends for the last time. I cant wait to get back and hang out again!
Left to Right: Karla, Carty, Jordan, Trevor, Bird and Me. Best Friends. (missing mike)
Well thats about it, we hung out a lot and partied as long as our wallets would allow us! i will try to get more pictures up here as soon as i can track them down (ps. anybody that has some picture of our good times, please email them to me? thanks.) Im going to miss all my friends, i cant wait for that "Best 2 Years" to be over to see my friends again!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Last time to UTAH!!

I'm so excited to get to Utah this Thursday night! This will be the last time i get to go up and see all my friends. Saturday morning i will be going through the Timp. Temple its going to be way awesome. Then Sunday at 1:00 i will get the chance to give a talk in my home ward: Pleasant Grove 9th Ward, so thats going to be awesome, that really is the BEST ward in the world... no lie. Then i get a few days to just hang out with my friends, im looking forward to the time, as little as it is to hang out with all my friends one last time before the long 2 year stretch. Its going to be hard to say goodbye to everyone but right now i think im so excited to get out there and get going in all that missionary stuff i wish I could fly out tomorrow morning! Well thats about it, im sure ill be posting asap after my UT trip.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Are we there yet...

Well, 67 days to go!! man, its taking forever! well just a few updates:

1: I quit Walmart on May 26th, it was a fine job, but I was at my mom's office and her boss offered me a job doing transcriptions, i was skeptical for about the first 3 seconds until she said that they usually make around $23.00 an hour. So, needless to say, i told Walmart that I was never returning!

2: I just received my first ever Temple Recommend from my stake president, Ill be in Utah June 20th, and im going thru the Timpanogos temple June 21st. Im going to be speaking in my home ward Sunday June 22nd at 1:00pm (i hope you all can make it).

3: Now, i have a lot of extra time on my hands, I know i should be using ALL of that time to read and study the Preach my Gospel and stuff, but I do use SOME of that time :D. So all is well in Arizona, I cant wait to come visit Utah for the last time!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Holy Flip I'm 19...

well... i can officially buy tobacco in Utah! jk, but yeah more to come on my awesome 19th Birthday i will blog the entire day :D i wish you could all be here to party with me :D

7:30: Woke up SICK!! called walmart told them i wasn't going to be able to make it in today (they will never believe me, how many times have people called in "sick" on their Birthdays!)

11:00: Went to visit my mom at work, she took me to the mall to buy me a new outfit (and it looks dang sexy)

3:00: went to Justin's semi-finals basketball game, he tore it up (even being sick) his team would lose w/out him, tomorrow is the championships he should go all the way.

6:00: Went out to eat with my family, and Blaine and Erica! and the Bendels!! it was freakin sweet! we went to picazzos and got some really good pizza and had a good time! They even managed to get our ONE waitress to sing to me :D it was awesome!

9:00: Came back to the house and me and Tami Bendel "skooled" Justin and his friend in B-ball... they were pretty upset about it.(we shouldnt have played ball that close to eating all that food we were all sick!)

10:45: Well its all over, im feeling a little bit better from my cold. all in all it was a great Birthday!! i gotta shout out THANKS to all my family and friends who wished me a happy birthday this was my first birthday away from home :'( but i managed, thanks for your luv and support you are the best!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Wal-Mart's Newest Associate!!

Today was my first day and it went great!! I needed another job that paid a little higher, so i can save up a little more cash before my mission! so one day i "jokingly" applied to Wal-Mart while i was there looking for wii's it took me about 5 min but i was very surprised when the next day they called me in for an interview. The interview went great and they offered me a full time position in the "home and garden" dept. im pretty excited to start working there. so wish me luck! "its not just a career its a family"

This is my standard issue:
EZ Cut Box Cutter (with adjustable hip-clip-holster)

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mission Updates

OK ... so here is just a few mission updates:

Mike Summerhays: has almost been out 6 Months in Macon, Georgia!!

Tyler Clark: Is almost through with the MTC and will head out to Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Carty (Daniel McCarty): Is getting everything he needs to head out May 14th to Portland, Oregon! News update **carty fell down worse than humpty dumty** ill let ya know when he is leaving!

Jordan Makin: Goes to the PROVO MTC same day as i do Aug 6th heading for Lubbock, Texas!!

Daniel Olmstead: Heads to the MTC July 23rd preparing to serve in Atlanta, Georgia!!

Trevor Evans: Is excited to go to Edmonton Canada October 29th!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well Its down to 4 of us. Mike is on his mission in Georgia Macon, Carty is having his farewell this Sunday and is leaving for Portland Oregon. Ill be next in August. Then as soon as bird gets past his stake prez. he will be leaving next (we hope) and Trevor-the poor guy- wont turn 19 until august so we are placing him last to head out. This picture is probably the last time we will all be hanging out together... which i guess is a good thing, we all cant wait to go and serve and then come back and be together again. I'm sure we are all going to be friends for a very, very long time.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

João Pessoa Brazil!!

Well, this just in, Chris is going to Brazil. August 6th i report to the MTC in Brazil . I get to stay there and learn Portuguese for about 63 days. Then it's off to Joao Pessoa!! It looks like a freaking awesome mission; TONS of people all over a huge city right on the ocean coast!! It's hard to explain it all but check out this awesome wikipedia site on João Pessoa I am so excited you have no idea! Too busy tonight to write more. Thanks everybody who was there when I opened my call! haha it worked out perfectly I hope!