Thursday, August 6, 2009


365 Days~!
Yippee!!!!! Happy "Hump" Day~!
Well, Elder Clark has been in Brazil for exactly 365 days today and I couldn't be happier, mainly because now we can begin counting our days DOWN instead of up!!  Chris has had many amazing experiences this first year and I know he is happy and very much looking forward to his second year there in Brazil.  He loves the people and the work.  He is very comfortable with the language.(He emailed some small video clips to us and he has a very difficult time these days with his English).  I think that is amazing and I love to listen to him talk!! He is truly being blessed and watched over by our Heavenly Father.  Don't let the picture above confuse you......this was a very "special" day celebrating his year mark.  They DO NOT normally eat at places this nice but I am glad there was somewhere they could celebrate this milestone.  Please continue to keep Elder Clark in your prayers and if you have not yet written to him he would soooooo love to hear from you.  He loves letters.  Here's praying for another 365 days of blessings both for him and the people of Brazil~!