Wednesday, November 26, 2008


Christopher gets a new Companion~!
This past week Elder Clark was assigned a new companion.  His name is Elder L. Santos.
Elder Clark and Elder Santos have had a great first week together and are going to be a great companionship.  

This little beauty was discovered in the elders shower after at least three of them had already showered!!! Wow, that is N A S T Y ~!  Chris said in his letter that if this could get in their shower, just imagine what else is in their apartment?!  I prefer not to let my imagination go there.  I will continue in my own fantasy world, believing that this little guy was just very, very lost and there are surely no others within miles!!  Keep writing to Elder Clark. He comments to us every week how much all your letters mean to him. Thanks

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Letter from 11/11/08

When I got an email from Leslie today from Elder Clark, I was so excited to hear from him! After reading this, I thought this should be posted for those of you who don't get his emails. What a great missionary he is! I hope you enjoy this as much as I did.

thanks for all the letters everybody, they were freaking great! thanks to all those special people out there who are writing me ;) you know who you are........ first and formost i want to say sorry for being a whiner the first couple of weeks here, yeah it was hard but i didnt see the whole picture... i know see the big picture, which is just a small part of gods plan for me. and i love it. i wake up everyday excited to go out and teach and find new people to talk to and meet new friends. I have learned so much about myself and about the gospel. it is so great to be here serving the Lord. elder Pacheco and i have had success here this transfer, and this next tuesday we will see if we will continue to be companions or if we will be split. i think both would be just fine, because the work will continue the same. i got the first of my christmas package from my mom, i was so glad that she sent a coloring book and crayons, i spent all night last night coloring and listening to my favorite christmas music.. haha even tho it was like 80 degrees i felt so peacefull!! i think i inluded a picture of my final drawing, my mom will forward that.
Here it is!!  He is so talented!!

In our area it his hard to find many people on the streets, our success comes from refrences and members and friends. missionary work is so great when everybody is involved. im greatefull for every moment i have to be out here.

well i found a good remedy for my blisters, my good friend kristin sent me the perfect remedy, i put some string through a needle and poked it through my blister, leaving the ends exposed, it dried up the blister and i am in perfect condition... haha well almost. thanks kristin!!

haha what the OBAMA!!! so i have learned all of my portuguese from discussing politics with everybody here. they all LOVE obama, like its so weird. but anyway i think its great fun to talk to people about how crazy he is. but they think he is going to save the world and the united states, so we will see, any info on obama would be appreciated. i rarely understand what is on tv.

haha well. i dont have very much time so i will tell you one story before i

It was sunday afternoon, we had already been to church and baptised a few people. we went out to work after and found 3 young men that said they would go to church with us (the other ward starts at 3:30) so we were excited because now we can baptise them next week. but anyway, we were walking with them to church and having a good time talking and such when all of a sudden... WHAMMM!!my feet fall from under me and i narrowly escape falling into a ... relativly deep manhole that sombody had just thrown trash over. my arms and the book of mormon saved me from plunging into the pee-crap-water. i was dirty from head to toe, everybody helped me up and brushed me off, i was pretty dirty all over and i thought (no way satan, not today, i knew this was one of satans ''stumbling blocks'' but the lord saved me, even tho a
book of mormon was sacrificed!! we made it to church and i will forever remember this moment as one of the many blessings of my mission, it probably seems silly to you guys but it was significant to me...)

bye love always, i will send letters, love ya

elder clark

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Computer in Brazil Has Problems!!

Well, as most of you know...yesterday was p-day.  I waited very patiently until about noon.  Once it was that late I figured since it was 4:00 in Brazil, I probably would not hear from Elder Clark and was becoming very depressed and grumpy.  Then when I least expected it, there is was, a SHORT note from Chris saying that the internet was being weird and he would write me more after he wrote his email that goes out to everyone.  I was so totally excited to get that small email but just as depressed when the day ended and there were no more emails from him......LUCKY for me and for all of you, he did say that he had THREE more baptisms this week.  He was very excited and thought they would have at least three more next week!!!! He also said that he was doing good.  It was short but sweet.  He is a brazillian miles away so I guess we should expect the unexpected when it comes to computers. I guess I will just wait til next week and hope that the technology in Brazil is back in working order.  Hopefully he will have pictures of those that they have baptized.  Check back next week and hopefully we will have picture proof!!  Thanks everyone and don't forget.........Elder Clark loves letters