Monday, October 26, 2009

Final October Update

I received a great letter today from Elder Clark and he is doing great.  He is feeling good and being blessed.  I just wanted to share this photo of Elder Clark as he lounges on his bed..(I asked him to take this picture so I could see his hammock)

I told him that it looked pretty comfortable unless you were a stomach sleeper and here is his reply:
"haha yeah, my bed is great, except for the nights i wake up soaked by the rain... but it doesn't happen that often. maybe once a week or so."

Kind of makes me wonder what his first night at home in his own bed will be like for him after two years...will he sleep like a baby or not sleep at all??

Friday, October 16, 2009

New Trainee/Old Friend

It was a good end to Elder Clark's last week of this transfer...

Ana Claudia


Elder Clark will remain in Rangel (haun-gel) for another six weeks and is now a Trainer, his first Trainee is Elder A.Santos.  In this picture is also Elder Pacheco who was Chris's Trainer.

This next picture just makes me smile..........This past week was transfers and all the elders were at the bus station either going, coming or just seeing who was going and coming.  This is Elder Tanner Gilliland who is our Bishop's son and a friend of Chris' that was also called to the Brazil Joao Pessoa Mission!!  He is fresh out of the CTM and on his way to his first area...They were able to spend just a few minutes together at the bus cool was that for them to see a friend so very far from home.  We hope they will have other opportunities to see one another as their missions go forward.

Elders Gilliland and Clark - Walnut Canyon Ward

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Still Loving Brazil

Elder Clark is still finding joy in his service to the Lord.  He is baptising and teaching and loving the people of Brazil.  Here are some pics of the newest members of his ward :)



This is a picture Chris titled.....My Road Most Traveled.....

 This week is transfer week and we will see if Chris will stay in Rangel a little longer or move to somewhere new....either way he is healthy and happy.