Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Chris loves the CTM!!

Chris has just 13 days left at the CTM!! Wow, can you believe that? He has absolutely LOVED his time there.  In his letters home he writes a lot about the people he has met there and the Temple and all the learning he is doing there.. As many of you know, who get his letters, he is also having the time of his life!!  He is always positive and tells me not to worry about him (ya right!!).  He and his companion Elder Arnold have been a great companionship as they are enjoying learning together and laughing together. 
Here is a bit of this weeks letter home:

another great week, i am excited to go proselyting again this friday, me and elder Arnold are going to rock the socks of all Brazil. umm... lets see, not to much happened this week, still striving to learn portuguese, its coming, but its slow, i cant believe we only have 13 days until we fly out to Joao Pessoa, we are getting super excited, its awesome to see the change that we have made from being the District that is asking all the questions and needing all the help to actually being the District that is giving the questions and being asked for help. We went to the Temple today, it was awesome (Sao Paulo) everybody had a good time and the bus trip was very calm suprisingly. We have one more p-day after this and then its over! Today we are going to buy an Amazing lunch!! we are all getting a bacon Burger and Banana Juice and im going to follow it up with either a cinamon roll or a peice of Awesome Cheese Cake!! i cant wait.
Burgers and Banana Juice

View from Chris' window on the 7th floor of the CTM, taken just last night!!                               

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Wow, doesn't that look yummy.  Chris' letter this week was fun to read.  It is the first letter that I did not cry while reading.  I laughed a few times though!!  It would seem that the elders have as many fun things going on as they do spiritual...Chris is loving the CTM.  This picture is of the "famous" cinnamon rolls that they sell at Cheney's.  Cheney's is a store just by the CTM where the elders go to do their emailing.  I went onto the website last week and purchased a gift certificate for Chris to use at this store, he LOVED it because as you can see they have yummy things there.  They also sell american icecream and milkshakes and other nonedible items as well, what a great place!!  Hopefully you are all getting his letters and know that he is doing great.  He says he is getting lots of mail and email, so thank you all for writing to him.  Hopefully Chris will do his own blogging next week as that is so much more fun to read.  
Thanks everyone:)
Chris and a fellow Elder