Wednesday, June 30, 2010

IM HOME!!! and for lack of words to describe just exactly how i am feeling i will just send these last photos.... next week i will post the rest of the photos i have of my baptisms these last 2 weeks then i will most likely be closing or at least getting rid of the mailing list, so yeah, thanks to everybody who gave me so much love and support while i was serving in Brasil, i love every single one of you!... so yeah, now im off to enjoy the life of a returned missionary... wish me luck ;) enjoy the pics

Getting off the tiny airplane!!
Future missionary!!

Missed my grandma a LOT

My mommy!!!!!

the family!!

Elder Clarks "FAM-CLUB"

So Batiza grandma!!!

This is better than graduating highschool

My Pleasant grove family

Thanks for the homecoming family!!!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Who knew garbage day was so exciting??

Ps. our house is that blue house up top behind the truck
This past week in Nova Descoberta (the town we live in) While a garbage truck was turning onto our street something CRAZY happened, the ground opened up and ATE the garbage truck... many people ran to see what was going on, the national news was even there to cover the story, it took many many hours to pull the truck out, but when it was finally freed the crowd clapped and cheered!!! haha here are some pictures!!!
who would have thought a hole in the ground was national news

aprovating a great picture oportunity
SBT interviewing.... WE HAD THE SAME IDEA!!!
Just making matters worse

WATCH OUR VIDEO WE MADE... its funnier when you understand portugues... but still... funny


hey folks,

baptisms of narra and rubia
well finally its here, we have had the OPEN HOUSE of our new stake center this whole week, we have been handing out flyers and inviting people to visit the open house, i have even developed a nasty sunburn, but it was all worth it, we had over 250 visiters and tons and tons of people interested in the church. here it what went down... so anybody who showed up at the church would sit and watch a short movie about the church while more people came, then they would form a group and a guide would be assigned, this guide then took them on a TOUR of the church, stopping in each of the rooms where there was somebody prepared with a short 5 min explination about what happenes in that room.. ex: YMYW Elders, RS, primary, geneologia etc.... it was awesome... then at the end, us missionarys would talk with them about any doubts they had and we would write down their address so that we could visit them and bring them the book of mormon.
not only the open house was a success but also in the field, this week we had 2 baptisms... while the WHOLE ZONE only had 3 baptisms, 2 of them were Narrara and Rubia baptised by yours truly... elder Clark! Rubia is a super super super super smart woman... she speaks chinese, english, french, portugues and she already has a degree in law and is finishing up her degree in Petrolium at the local university. she has already lived in many countrys and is currently working as a substitute JUDGE!!! yeah, so her story is pretty awesome! sunday she arrived 2 hours early to "prepare spiritually for her baptism" (my first baptism to do that)  ps. rubia and narrara were the very first baptisms in the new stake center, and i was the first to baptise in the history of the building... i hope many many many more baptisms are to come!!!
here are some pictures of the events that have occured this week...
The best family EVER
The crew in front of the new stake center

This sister gets the award for best LUNCH EVER

Making new friends at the open house

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Best Email Ever!

Well.. today I received the best email ever. here is the flight plans for Elder Clark, YIPPEE!!:

5 Different flights, looks like it will be a long 24 hours for Elder Clark, but I'm sure it will "Fly By" (no pun intended)
P.S. Everybody is certainly invited to join us at the Flagstaff airport on June 29th at 2:51 when Elder Clark´s plane arrives I'm sure he is excited to see everybody!