Monday, June 14, 2010

Who knew garbage day was so exciting??

Ps. our house is that blue house up top behind the truck
This past week in Nova Descoberta (the town we live in) While a garbage truck was turning onto our street something CRAZY happened, the ground opened up and ATE the garbage truck... many people ran to see what was going on, the national news was even there to cover the story, it took many many hours to pull the truck out, but when it was finally freed the crowd clapped and cheered!!! haha here are some pictures!!!
who would have thought a hole in the ground was national news

aprovating a great picture oportunity
SBT interviewing.... WE HAD THE SAME IDEA!!!
Just making matters worse

WATCH OUR VIDEO WE MADE... its funnier when you understand portugues... but still... funny


Kristin said...

Love the shirt