Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Computer in Brazil Has Problems!!

Well, as most of you know...yesterday was p-day.  I waited very patiently until about noon.  Once it was that late I figured since it was 4:00 in Brazil, I probably would not hear from Elder Clark and was becoming very depressed and grumpy.  Then when I least expected it, there is was, a SHORT note from Chris saying that the internet was being weird and he would write me more after he wrote his email that goes out to everyone.  I was so totally excited to get that small email but just as depressed when the day ended and there were no more emails from him......LUCKY for me and for all of you, he did say that he had THREE more baptisms this week.  He was very excited and thought they would have at least three more next week!!!! He also said that he was doing good.  It was short but sweet.  He is a brazillian miles away so I guess we should expect the unexpected when it comes to computers. I guess I will just wait til next week and hope that the technology in Brazil is back in working order.  Hopefully he will have pictures of those that they have baptized.  Check back next week and hopefully we will have picture proof!!  Thanks everyone and don't forget.........Elder Clark loves letters