Thursday, May 29, 2008

Are we there yet...

Well, 67 days to go!! man, its taking forever! well just a few updates:

1: I quit Walmart on May 26th, it was a fine job, but I was at my mom's office and her boss offered me a job doing transcriptions, i was skeptical for about the first 3 seconds until she said that they usually make around $23.00 an hour. So, needless to say, i told Walmart that I was never returning!

2: I just received my first ever Temple Recommend from my stake president, Ill be in Utah June 20th, and im going thru the Timpanogos temple June 21st. Im going to be speaking in my home ward Sunday June 22nd at 1:00pm (i hope you all can make it).

3: Now, i have a lot of extra time on my hands, I know i should be using ALL of that time to read and study the Preach my Gospel and stuff, but I do use SOME of that time :D. So all is well in Arizona, I cant wait to come visit Utah for the last time!