Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Well Its down to 4 of us. Mike is on his mission in Georgia Macon, Carty is having his farewell this Sunday and is leaving for Portland Oregon. Ill be next in August. Then as soon as bird gets past his stake prez. he will be leaving next (we hope) and Trevor-the poor guy- wont turn 19 until august so we are placing him last to head out. This picture is probably the last time we will all be hanging out together... which i guess is a good thing, we all cant wait to go and serve and then come back and be together again. I'm sure we are all going to be friends for a very, very long time.


tammy said...

Did ya ever just wonder what you did to deserve such good friends? Or do you wonder what your friends did to deserve YOU? Hahaha! You all DESERVE each other and good job for being good examples to one another so you all could go on missions! Doesn't happen often enough!