Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Journal Entries

Well, i just wanted to share what i wrote during the last few days. It was one of the most spiritual events that has happened to me so far in the mission.


Today was sad, our brazilians are leaving tomorrow morning. All day long we have been telling one another how much they will be missed. I cant imagine the CTM without them. After our classes we went and got our cameras to take photos with all of them. It was such a fun time. Everyone was laughing and hugging. After pictuers is when the real party started in our room. Me and my roomates had decided we were going to give some of our things to E. Nascimento and E. Silva. I gave Nascimento a white shirt and tie and Silva was giving a white shirt from E. Swain and a tie from E. Eberspacher, Elder Arnold gave them both a stick of American Deoderant (Best in the world). When Nascimento came in and saw his parting gift he came and hugged me. Not until i felt his tears on my shoulder and neck did i realize how much this meant to him. (our brazilians only had 3 shirts to last them 7 days with 2 ties.). I only gave him a shirt and tie but to him it meant so much more. I told him that we were friends in heaven before this life. He said he thought so too. We have stayed up well past 12:00 talking about our future as missionaries and as friends. Today was one of the funnest-happiest-sad days here in Brazil.


This morning i cried like a baby. Our Brazilians left, all of our friends we had come to love had to leave, i will especially miss E. Nascimento (Anderson) and E. Lucas Silva. As we stood in a circle to offer our last prayer the spirit was so strong. We were all crying within seconds of the start. It was a beautiful prayer. I wonder how it is possible to get so close to someone in such a short amount of time. The spirit really brings people together. Nascimento was wearing the stuff i gave him the night before, every time i passed by him we would hug. He will make a really amazing missionary. So will E. Silva and all our other friends. I am going to miss staying up till 12:00 talking in a broken portugues trying to convey thoughts and emotions to them. My heart is full of the spirit when i think about them. I cannot wait to join my bretheren in the mission field. They will always hold a special place in my heart.

Group Photo!!
us with Nascimento
Room party


Lois said...

Hi Chris,
I read sll your entries and found myself shedding a few tears. It sounds like your doing so good and already having so many great experiences. Sorry you had to loose your Brazilean brothers, but to think of giving them the gifts of the shirts was so awsome. What guys you are. I can see that God is blessing you every day. Keep up the good work. Grandma Lois