Monday, July 28, 2008

My "Final" Farewell Talk.

Well, my church talking is finally at its end!! ... well at least in this country, which makes me happy, its so much easier speaking in front of people if you dont know them. Which is weird, I have heard it go both ways, some people cant speak in front of strangers and are super comfortable speaking to people they knew very well.... NOT ME. well from what I hear my talk went great, (it was however the third time i have given the same talk). 7 days and 13 hours to go folks, im almost out of this joint! After the church meeting we all (the fam #2) came back to the house and had a Waffle Party!! It was lots of fun, i like getting together with my fam and having a good time like that, my aunt Terri even whipped out a CARTWHEEL, oh how I wish I had my camera, but it was amazing, she really is a cheerleader @ heart. After waffles we were all so full, however we did manage to Snarf down a peice of cheesecake or peanut butter pie. After everybody waddled out the door it was off to bed, dreaming about never speaking in church again!! yipee. My friends Breana and Megan also came and partied with us. It will be the last time i see Megan, it made me super sad, but she will still be here when i get back, so it gives me something to look forward to. Thats basically it. Now im off to enjoy my last week in Flagstaff.... FOREVER :D

Me Megan and Breana.