Monday, August 4, 2008

13 Hours to go.

Well, its official, i am officially ELDER CLARK no if's and's or but's. We had a great time with the stake president, President Frost. It feels a little weird being all missionary like and not being able to turn on the ol' boob tube but since there is only 13 hours left i think i can handle it! Now we are over at Gary and Terri's house having pie and ice cream! yumm! Here are some pictures to document the occasion.



Royell Phong said...

Well Elder Chris is looking good. I'm not sure if you will be able to read this or not, but I'm sure someone will let you know we wish you luck and most of all have a great experience!!! Well miss you, but the time will go by fast!! Love you Royell and Family

Sidney said...

My goodness... me and my mom were just talking about how much longer you had, then we realized you were leaving TOMORROW. I can't even believe it. I know you will be a wonderful missionary and am so excited for you. I will be writing you!

Chris Clark said...

Thanks Royell, i love all of you too! and my goodness how time flies when your having a good time, you better write lots! thanks for all your love and support, Thanks Sidney cant wait to hear from you, shoot me a few emails while im in the MTC!