Thursday, May 22, 2008

Holy Flip I'm 19...

well... i can officially buy tobacco in Utah! jk, but yeah more to come on my awesome 19th Birthday i will blog the entire day :D i wish you could all be here to party with me :D

7:30: Woke up SICK!! called walmart told them i wasn't going to be able to make it in today (they will never believe me, how many times have people called in "sick" on their Birthdays!)

11:00: Went to visit my mom at work, she took me to the mall to buy me a new outfit (and it looks dang sexy)

3:00: went to Justin's semi-finals basketball game, he tore it up (even being sick) his team would lose w/out him, tomorrow is the championships he should go all the way.

6:00: Went out to eat with my family, and Blaine and Erica! and the Bendels!! it was freakin sweet! we went to picazzos and got some really good pizza and had a good time! They even managed to get our ONE waitress to sing to me :D it was awesome!

9:00: Came back to the house and me and Tami Bendel "skooled" Justin and his friend in B-ball... they were pretty upset about it.(we shouldnt have played ball that close to eating all that food we were all sick!)

10:45: Well its all over, im feeling a little bit better from my cold. all in all it was a great Birthday!! i gotta shout out THANKS to all my family and friends who wished me a happy birthday this was my first birthday away from home :'( but i managed, thanks for your luv and support you are the best!!!


kimpg3 said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS!!! You don't have to work today do you? I hear Wal-Mart is taking its toll on you. We have been a bit behind since getting back, so give us a few days before you start looking for our cards in the mail. Have a great day, love you!!!

Lindsey Hansen said...

awesome pics!!! :) I can't wait for you to come up here and spend some time with me! I miss you!!