Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mission Updates

OK ... so here is just a few mission updates:

Mike Summerhays: has almost been out 6 Months in Macon, Georgia!!

Tyler Clark: Is almost through with the MTC and will head out to Tulsa, Oklahoma!

Carty (Daniel McCarty): Is getting everything he needs to head out May 14th to Portland, Oregon! News update **carty fell down worse than humpty dumty** ill let ya know when he is leaving!

Jordan Makin: Goes to the PROVO MTC same day as i do Aug 6th heading for Lubbock, Texas!!

Daniel Olmstead: Heads to the MTC July 23rd preparing to serve in Atlanta, Georgia!!

Trevor Evans: Is excited to go to Edmonton Canada October 29th!


Lindsey Hansen said...

Wow! That is so awesome! You have such great friends!

Chris Clark said...

i know right!! :D we are such good bois!

Lindsey Hansen said...

I miss you!!