Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Mission Call!!!!

YO YO YIGGIDY YO!!! ITS HERE!!!!!!!! Iv Waited long enough!!!

Alright all the waiting and anticipation is over!! finally,,, the one day my mail man comes before 5 o clock!!!

im super excited to open it. and im pretty sure its all going to go down around 7:30 (my time) 8:30 (UTAH TIME) so here are the instructions to view my live web feed!!!

ps please dont click on the links until about 10 min before the time above!!
also if you need help feel free to call me and i will guide you in 801-427-4066.

Step ONE: at the time above click on this link and fill out boxes: VIEW CHRIS NOW!!

Step TWO: Dial This Phone number to hear AND SPEAK TO ME = (616) 883-8033, access code 478-402-642

Its just that easy.... (side note.. always click "yes" or "Grant" to any security warnings or pop ups)

Anybody With Extreme Problems click HERE and fill out the form, i will then takeover your computer and get you into the program personally.

Thanks for all your love and Support!!!


kimpg3 said...

I am so excited, Chris!!! We just got back from taking Tyler to the MTC, and it was an amazing experience. I can't wait to experience it again with you! Love you so much!!!

kimpg3 said...

I can't believe it didn't come today! It just has to come tomorrow...right? Hang in there.

Chris Clark said...

yeah tell me about it... thats just my luck, but tomorrow Erica is going to come over and we are going to stake out the Post Man, should be good fun! ill keep ya updated

Anonymous said...


Chris I'm so excited for you!!!

I can't wait to find out where you're going! See you at 7 :)

kimpg3 said...

Finally!!! I can hardly wait. Congratulations Chris!!! We'll be waiting (impatiently I might add).

Todd Veenker said...

If it's not China, it's South America

Shelby said...

Brazil!!! Yay!! Enjoy the Portuguese!! Jason and I were looking and listening in as you opened your call.. That was pretty clever!

kimpg3 said...

Congratulations Chris!!! The first thing we need to learn to say in Portuguese is "Joao Pessoa". Can't wait to see you! Love you!!!

Karen's Place said...

Katie and I watched last night as you opened your special letter. Brazil-WOW! So excited for you.

Karen's Place said...

Go to this website and check out audio Portugese-then go to and click on all the links. It's a great site and you'll see some wonderful photos of Brazil too.
Love you, Grandma

Chris Clark said...

thanks everybody, thanks for the links grandman!!