Monday, May 17, 2010

6 weeks to go!!

Ladies and Gentelman,

Well lets see, like 6 weeks or 42 days, or the way we like to count it is, "just six sacrament cups" are what are left of this GREAT ADVENTURE. This past week passed by in a flash! (along with our money) but anyways, we baptised Juliana! she has 20 years and she already had a mother and sister in the church but for some reason she just never felt the need to be baptised, that is until Elder L. Silva and I arrived and laid it on thick (the spirit that is) and she finally saw the absolute NEED to be baptised and yeah, it was great. this next week we are also preparing a lovely family to be baptised, if everything goes well we will baptise first the husband then the wife, because she has to go visit some family in another city. but anyway so yeah, that is about it, we also have like 15 other investigators, but if i told you about each one i would have to stay all day here in the lan house, and thats just not possible. so i dont really know what to talk about so i will just talk about some interesting things that happen here in brasil.....
 #1. Line Cutting: If you are not a good line cutter you will never have success here in brazil. To be a good line cutter i have learned a few tips and tricks that i would like to pass on to you.... here in brazil,,, there are lines everywhere (exactly like disneyland)... line to use the bathroom, line in the bank, postoffice, line to buy bread, line to pay for the bread that you just bought standing in line... and so on... i will just share with you the technique that works best... i call it... the cell phone using this technique you pretend to call somebody on your cellphone as you approach the line... you then begin talking to your imaginary friend on the cellphone, you then cut into the line.... the people here will let it pass because they dont want to "interrupt" your phone call!! us missionaries use this one a lot when we dont want to waste our lunch hour standing in line at the grocery store. :)
#2. BEING BLUNT: Another reason why i love the people here in brazil is because of the option of being really blunt when you speak with someone. for example, us missionaries, when we stop people in the streets and we start our conversation with "have you already been baptised like jesus christ?" IMAGINE if somebody asked somebody from california who isnt a member this.... they would probably just start to call you names or make fun of your mother. another example, is when you are ordering our buying things here in brazil... you dont need to say... "Um excuse me i would llike to have a bigmac" here you say "DUDE GIVE me a big mac" which is great, it makes for some great conversations and you dont need to be shy. because everybody is blunt, and you can be too!!

so yeah, for now thats all i have, i have to go now because time does not allow me continue... this week is going to be a great week, my companion will reach the one year point of his mission on the 21st and then on the 22nd i will reach the 21 year mark of my life... so yeah... happy birthday to me :D and then sunday we are going to baptise.... so yeah i cant think of a better week

my love


Us said...

It sounds like Elder Clark is having a ton of fun! I'm sure he's excited to come home too - he will just have to re-learn the AMERICAN way! ;P