Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Final Stretch!!

Well... Hey everybody... its me Elder Clark, im on my home stretch,, we have about 3 months until the highly anticipated return of Elder Clark. Im pretty excited as you can tell.. i am here in NATAL which is a city that is in the very northeast tip of brazil... its one of the biggest tourist citys. its kinda funny seeing all the americans completly lost here in brazi i have had several opportunities to help lost familys find the right bus or taxi. Well i am here with Elder L. Silva... here is us baptising 2 families... which is a very good thing... it was the first family of elder L. Silva so we were super stoked to have 2 ready for baptism... its an overwhelming feeling of joy when you baptise somebody that you know has such a strong testimony and is preparing to be sealed in the temple! so yeah here is the picture

Baptism of Maria e Michilene
So yeah the work here is going great, Elder L. Silva and I get a long great and we are living with Elder Santana and Elder Dzicovics i am the oldest (speaking of mission time) in the house.. but yeah that doesnt automaticly mean anything... i still have to sleep on the floor... the only bed goes to the guy who has the most transfers in the house... which is my companion... but at least my situation is better than Elder Santana who is sleeping on the floor... maybe one day the pres will send a matress... but i dout it. The house is small but we all get along great, Me and Elder Santana Cook and the other two are in charge of clean up... we are always cooking because in the area we dont have very many people who feed the elders. also we have to spend tons of money on busses so usually its a lot cheaper to stay at home and eat a beef steak and frenchfries with some rice! here is a picture of us making lunch.

elder clark frying the patatoes and l. silva on the steaks

so as you can tell... everything is great! being the final stretch i will try to take more pictures and show everybody the REAL side of life as a missionary... as for now we are off to teach a family that just speaks english... so yeah the pressure is on.. i gave the 1st lesson in english and he said he would read the book of mormon...i tried to call him already to the baptism waters but his friend (who is a member) told me i was being to agressive.... i said MAN BAPTISM IS FREAKING IMPORTANT ;) so yeah today we will teach him without the friend present.... ready or not... here comes elder clark