Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Best Week of His Life

This weeks letter from Elder Clark was titled "best week of my life".  It was a week filled with sickness, disappointment, miles and miles of walking and plenty of heat!  Not what most of us would consider the best week of our lives but amongst all of these things it was also filled with SIX baptisms and a GOLDEN contact being made with an abundance of the Spirit! Now that sounds more like what makes up a "best week" scenerio.  As a mom, I am so incredibly grateful that Elder Clark chooses to focus on the best parts of his week rather than dwelling on the many parts that were less than the best...  Here are a few photos:

Eduardo, Eduardo, Eduarda, Bruno, Edivan and Edivania.
Elder Paim and Elder Clark
This is Elder Clark and his companion Elder Paim along with the elders that they live with.  Don't they all look handsome in their matching suits and ties~!