Monday, June 30, 2008

Goodbye Utah, see you in two!

Well, it was fun while it lasted, I had a way awesome time in Utah, first thing we did when we got there was go on a huge shopping spree for all of my mission necessities. I am finally all set and ready to go, i think the only thing i need now is some more SHOTS so that i don't get any crazy diseases. Then we went to the temple Saturday the 21st, it was the BEST thats all i can say! I am so glad that all my family and friends could make it and support me that day!
My family and I at the temple.
Then after that we went to Tucanos (its a Brazilian Grill) so we went to see what kind of food they have down there in Brazil, it was SO good and the service was excellent, i can honestly say we all waddled out of there satisfied!
left to right: Karen, Josh (server), Jordan, Carty, Me, Riley in Tucanos.
The next day was Sunday, i was speaking in church so all of my friends and family came, it was definitely a full house. After we all went to my grandmas house and had a little party, it was fun to be around all of my friends and family, it was good and sad to see some of my friends for the last time. I cant wait to get back and hang out again!
Left to Right: Karla, Carty, Jordan, Trevor, Bird and Me. Best Friends. (missing mike)
Well thats about it, we hung out a lot and partied as long as our wallets would allow us! i will try to get more pictures up here as soon as i can track them down (ps. anybody that has some picture of our good times, please email them to me? thanks.) Im going to miss all my friends, i cant wait for that "Best 2 Years" to be over to see my friends again!


Lindsey Hansen said...

CHRIS!! I am so glad that you decided to have a farewell up here in Utah. It was a really good idea. I know that your friends are going to miss you so much! You're such a great friend to everyone. BUT what you are about to do is the best thing you could ever do at this time! They will all be waiting for you when you get back! :)

kimpg3 said...

Chris, I love your new blog title! It was so great going to the temple with you and hanging out while you were here. A cd of our pictures is in the mail and will be there soon. Love you!

Lois said...

HI Chris, Friday, Sat, And sunday was sure a whirlwind. The Temple was great and so was your talk. You did a great job. You will be a great missionary. We love you very much and were so glad to be part of your special days. You'll be so gald when you can get going and get busy. I love your new picture on the blog page, i'ts cool. Your so good at doing this blog page. Love Grandma Lois

Olivia Anne said...

Chris- it was so good seeing you and you have no idea how proud I am of you! You have been doing fantastic and have a great testimony! Your farewell talk was amazing and I know that you will do a great job in Brazil! I love you!

Olivia Anne said...

Hey! BTW- you don't have my blogspot on your page... lol... how do you do that?